Results of the 2023 General Elections in Yonkers

The 2023 general election cycle is here. Although many races are virtually uncontested, Yonkers continues its tradition of showcasing many more hard-fought races as well.

The numbers below are not yet official!

Numbers are percentages of vote total.

Mayor of Yonkers

Incumbent Mayor Mike Spano is on track to win by roughly the same party registration ratio that exists in the city after City Council Member Anthony Merante’s gambit to restore term limits fails to garner the cross-over support needed for a victory.

Mike Spano

Mike Spano (D)


Anthony Merante

Anthony Merante (R, Restore Term Limits)


mystery person

Allison Abramson (WFP)


City Council District 1

While still on the ballot, Shatika Parker did not campaign and ensures this seat passes to Deana Robinson; who is the legislative aide to the current council member, Shanae Williams.

Deana Norman-Robinson

Deana Robinson (D)


Shatika Parker

Shatika Parker (WFP)


City Council District 3

Working Families Party candidate Hector Santiago rarely campaigned for the general election after being knocked off the Democratic primary ballot. Therefore, Majority Leader Tasha Diaz is expected to win re-election by a resounding margin.

Tasha Diaz cropped

Tasha Diaz (D)


Hector Santiago

Hector Santiago (WFP)


City Council District 5

12-year incumbent City Council member Mike Breen defeated his primary challenger Ron Schutte by 13 votes. However, a small write-in campaign for Schutte developed in the wake of that shockingly close election.
Note that the write-in’s will not be reported on election night.

Mike Breen

Mike Breen (R, CON)


Ron Schutte

Ron Schutte (write-in)


County Legislator District 14

Alvarado has served seven non-consecutive terms on the Westchester Board of Legislators. He became the Majority Leader of that body after Christopher Johnson resigned over a housing scandal in July. His Republican challenger was unable to break that long career as a politician.

Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado (D, WFP)


Jose diaz

Jose Diaz (R, CON)


County Legislator District 15

This rematch was the most contentious campaign of the season. However, Nolan’s incumbency, broad union endorsements, and ardent campaigning secures his second electoral victory.

James Nolan

James Nolan (R, CON)


Ruth Walter

Ruth Walter (D, WFP)


County Legislator District 16

City Councilmember Shanae Williams defeated Christopher Johnson in the Democratic primary. She has now defeated him again as well as political newcomer, Debbie Kozak. Per the Westchester County rules, she may assume the office after the vote is certified since there is presently an appointee filling a vacancy.

Shanae Williams

Shanae Williams (D)


Debbie Kozak

Debbie Kozak (R, CON)


Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson (WFP)


County Legislator District 17

After his Republican opponent withdrew his name after a voter fraud scandal, incumbent David Tubiolo runs unopposed.

David Tubiolo

David Tubiolo (D, WFP)


City Court Judge

The two Conservative Democrats secure their victories over the lone Republican.

Arthur Doran

Arthur Doran III (D, CON)


Nick Sperenza

Nicholas Speranza (R)


Karen Beltran

Karen Beltran (D, CON)



Below are the percentages to approve these ballot propositions.

Removal of Small City School Districts from Special Constitutional Debt Limitation


Extending Sewage Project Debt Exclusion From Debt Limit


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