Shanae Williams to Challenge Christopher Johnson for Westchester Legislator

Today, January 9th, Shanae Williams announced her candidacy for Westchester County Legislator for the 16th district.

Shanae Williams began serving as the Yonkers City Council Member from the first district in 2018. She was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Johnson himself. At the time, Williams worked as executive assistant to Mayor Mike Spano who appointed her to the council seat. She then won election in her own right in 2019.

As mentioned, Christopher Johnson held that very same city council seat from 2012 through 2017. He exited after being elected to the Westchester County Board of Legislators for district 16. Johnson was then named Majority Leader of that body in 2021.

Williams’ run for county legislator leaves the city council seat for the 1st district an open race this year. Former Johnson aide Shatika Parker has announced her run. But, it is presumed that Williams’ aide Deana Norman-Robinson will also be in the race. While there are sure to be other contenders for this and other districts, the proxy battles against the “Spano machine” are going to be had throughout 2023.

We are awaiting a comment from Christopher Johnson after this breaking news.

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