Shatika Parker Secures Democratic Endorsement for Yonkers City Council First District

Official Press Release from Shatika Parker

Last night, the Yonkers Democratic Party held its Executive Committee convention to endorse candidates running for city & county office this year. Shatika Parker won an overwhelming majority against her opponents to clinch the Democratic Party designation for Yonkers City Council Member, 1st District.

More than anything else, having the support of the Ward & District Leaders is an honor, as they are the soundboards for the concerns of the community,” said Shatika. “Support from the 1st, 3rd and 4th Wards means a great deal to me, as they make up a majority of the 1st District. The Council needs a representative that listens to community needs first & and I will be that champion. I look forward to working with the Yonkers Democratic Party throughout the campaign to ensure community voices are heard loud and clear.

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