Statement from Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Tasha Diaz, District 3

Official statement from the office of Tasha Diaz

For the past 12 months, I have been harassed by so-called “activists and community leaders”, when in reality they are anarchists and extortionists. It is clear that these people have targeted me, a woman of color instead of my white male counterparts on the council in hopes of bullying me into voting on the council for their agenda.

However, I will not allow any veiled threat or intimidation tactic to effect my representation of the people. I have faced badgering and harassment at community events. I have been assaulted at food distributions to the less fortunate. These individuals have attempted to extort me into voting their way on key issues before the council by threatening me with a primary and continued harassment.

I did support to keep the Affordable Housing Ordinance at 10% for the time being. At 10%, we ensure our communities to have guaranteed access to affordable housing. The fact that while Yonkers makes up 20% of Westchester’s population, it makes up a majority of the affordable housing in Westchester signifies that our current Affordable Housing Ordinance is working better than anywhere else in the county. Once a better plan is figured out, I look forward to passing it.

I did vote to extend term limits for the office of Mayor and City Council. The consensus is Yonkers is moving in the right direction, therefore, I want to put the rights solely in the residents of this city whether or not their elected officials should continue to represent them. I represent the voices of the people in this city TODAY not the ones 21 years ago that voted yes to a referendum.

I stand proud on my voting record as a Councilwoman. I look forward to continue delivering for the people of Yonkers.


Tasha Diaz,
Yonkers City Council Majority Leader

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