Tasha Diaz Removed by Unanimous Vote as Majority Leader for Violent Threats

After audio and eyewitness testimony of multiple threats of violence made by City Council Majority Leader Tasha Diaz were produced from an HR complaint last week, the Council voted to replace her with John Rubbo as Leader.

An assault of allegations

In a complaint addressed to HR Commissioner Carlos Moran on January 24, City Council Member Coraz贸n Pineda-Isaac chronicled a two-year history of alleged abuse she suffered under Tasha Diaz. These offenses ranged from name-calling to overt threats of violence. For example, in June 2022, Diaz was heard yelling about the former Majority Leader from within her office. Feeling the need to document the abusive comments, Pineda-Isaac recorded her remarks. That recording produced a quote that Diaz would, 鈥slap the taste out of [Pineda-Isaac’s] mouth.鈥 You can hear that audio clip below or click here.

Unsavory remarks continued in City Hall and culminated during the January 2, 2024 City Council re-organization meeting. Immediately after its adjournment, some in attendance overheard Diaz saying of Pineda-Isaac, 鈥Let me get up outta here before I slit this b****’s throat.鈥 Reportedly, Diaz expressed this same sentiment in the office of the Council President with at least one other witness present.

Following the HR complaint that we reported on last week, another victim of Diaz’s alleged abuse also came forward. In an email address to the Council President, and copying numerous officials, former Diaz staffer, Jenika Delgado, outlined 鈥the traumatic experiences鈥 she endured. These consisted of violent threats and slurs regarding her socioeconomic status.

In light of these consistent reports of improper behavior by two parties, it appears that the Council was now moved into action against Diaz.

The Council’s re-vote

The HR department鈥揳nd the Mayor who controls it鈥揾ave yet to denounce any of Diaz’s threats. But, the City Council exercised its lone and immediate power by stripping Diaz of her leadership role.

In a special meeting announced on Wednesday, the Council used tonight’s session to hold a vote amending the rules of procedure. These rules were only just approved five weeks ago preceding the infamous, 鈥slit that b****’s throat鈥 comment. By a unanimous vote, Council Member from the fourth district, John Rubbo, now holds the office of Majority Leader; removing Diaz. And just 38 days after being sworn-in to her first term on the City Council, Deana Robinson replaces Rubbo as the body’s Majority Whip.

During their public statements, the newly-minted Majority Leader John Rubbo stated that he hopes that the Council 鈥can come together and find a way to move forward.鈥 And while Council President Collins-Bellamy characterized this as 鈥an unfortunate event,鈥 she wanted to assure that 鈥member’s concerns were taken seriously.鈥

Corazon Pineda-Isaac taking tissue from Deanna Robinson
Pineda-Isaac taking a tissue from Robinson 鈥 credit: CityHall TV

But, perhaps not as seriously as the Council President wished to convey. Shockingly, beyond the vote to remove Tasha Diaz as Majority Leader over her recorded threats of violence to Coraz贸n Pineda-Isaac, the Council incredulously also passed a resolution demanding Pineda-Isaac apologize for the recording. Paradoxically, this entire meeting would not have been called without this recording. Nonetheless, in the resolution brought by Collins-Bellamy, Breen, Rubbo, and Robinson, the contents of the recording are deemed, 鈥inappropriate and crude,鈥 but the act of recording them 鈥weakens the trust between Councilmembers.鈥 Notably, the Council did not request an apology from the perpetrator of the violent remarks, only the victim. Moreover, Tasha Diaz was noticeably absent for the entire proceeding.

Through tearful sobbing, the now twice victimized Pineda-Isaac expressed her dismay at this unexpected punishment. She believed this day would be about accountability for the years-long abuse she and others suffered under the terror of Tasha Diaz. But instead, it was only she who the Council chose to make an example of with specific language that it was merely her recording of threats that caused a weakened trust, and not the threats themselves.

With the political action of removing Diaz from leadership complete, the question remains if Tasha Diaz will face any legal consequence. Coraz贸n Pineda-Isaac reportedly filed a criminal complaint with the Yonkers Police Department on Tuesday. Pending investigation from the Intelligence Division, the decision then lays with the Westchester County District Attorney on bringing any criminal charges.

Watch the full meeting by clicking here

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