Westchester’s Political Giant – A Profile of George Latimer

George Latimer has dedicated over three decades of his life to serving the public-making him a prominent figure in New York’s political landscape and the most important official in Westchester County.

Early Life and Education

George Latimer was born to Stanley and Loretta Latimer in Mount Vernon, New York on November 22, 1953. His formal education began by attending local public schools, laying the foundation for his future in public service. After completing his primary education, Latimer attended Fordham University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974. He continued on to a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from New York University’s prestigious Wagner School in 1976.

Before entering the realm of politics, Latimer enjoyed a career as a marketing executive in the hospitality industry. For over two decades, he worked for notable organizations demonstrating his expertise in the business world.

Entering Politics

Latimer’s political journey commenced in 1987 when he ran for a seat on the Rye City Council. Despite facing fierce competition, he emerged as the winner, setting an unbroken precedent for his future political campaigns. In 1991, he become the first-ever Democrat representing the 7th District on the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL). Over the years, he proved his mettle by securing re-election in 1993, 1995, and 1997.

Then in 1998, George Latimer made history again by leading the BOL as its chairman. This marked the first time a Democrat held this position in 90 years. He continued to represent his legislative district, and served a second term as chairman until 2001.

Latimer then showcased his ability to lead the political party; taking the role of County Democratic Party Chairman in 2002.

Up to Albany

But, in 2004, Latimer pursued a new challenge and won a seat in the New York State Assembly. He consistently garnered support from constituents in the 91st district. He won re-election without opposition in 2006 and earned 71% of the vote in his 2008 victory.

George Latimer
George Latimer – credit Facebook@GeorgelatimerNY

Following the retirement of Senator Suzi Oppenheimer in 2012, Latimer ran for the State Senate in the 37th District. As a Democrat, he faced a challenging race against Republican Bob Cohen, but won nonetheless, marking the next significant step in his political career. His continued dedication to his constituents led to his re-election in November 2014 and a second term in the Senate.

Latimer faced another tough race in 2016, with Republican Julie Killian as his opponent. Despite being outspent, he secured a third term, further solidifying his presence in the New York State Senate.

Back to Westchester County

George Latimer’s most significant political fight came in 2017 when he decided to challenge incumbent Republican Rob Astorino for the position of Westchester County Executive. The campaign was marked by intense scrutiny. This included controversies surrounding a missed state budget vote while Latimer was reportedly vacationing in the United Kingdom with an alleged mistress. But, in the end, George Latimer secured a decisive victory, defeating Astorino by 14 points and becoming the Westchester County Executive. On November 2, 2021, Latimer was re-elected to a second term.

Looking forward, George Latimer continues to explore opportunities potentially at the federal-level. And with his impressive record of never losing an election in over three decades of service, he may soon grace the halls of Congress.

And if not, his extensive career in public service reflects his dedication to the people of Westchester County and his passion for making a positive impact on their lives.

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  1. More important than the electoral victories:

    Rebuilt Memorial Field
    Rebuilt Sprain Ridge Pools
    Cut taxes four years in a row
    Saved the Washington HQ Miller House
    Shared back revenue to help every town and village
    IDA support for economic development – Regeneron and Morgan and MWBE entrepreneurs
    Free buses over the summer
    Getting rid of diesel buses
    2,500+ affordable housing units
    LGBTQ recognition and policies
    Honored veterans in numerous events and activities
    Fixed north and south ciunty trailways
    COVID policies and management
    Diversified Senior mgmt positions
    Assisted local govts
    New Family Court built in NR
    Negotiated new union contracts with (nearly) all bargaining units


    That’s what matters most.

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