Maple Place, Yonkers Residents Say Rain Continues To Flood Their Homes

Rain overwhelmed several Westchester cities, including Maple Place in Yonkers, where homeowners are angry.

A resident was interviewed based on the reason why people were upset. They said that they dealt with flooding non-stop in the area. They’ve asked for help, but they said they’ve received none. Furthermore, they were tired then and could not deal with it anymore.

People on Maple Place in Yonkers love their neighborhood, but the fear sets in as soon as it rains. There is always water everywhere.

The incident has been frustrating for the city’s residents, and authorities had to do something about it. Many of the interviewed resident’s neighbors agreed to the facts, including Dave Swattweed, who had lived there for almost 70 years. The neighborhood keeps getting built up, and the sewer system cannot handle it.

They said they’ve asked for help from politicians but have gotten nothing. The smell had been horrible, and they were extra frustrated. Then they were able to make some contributions and finished repairs costing in the tens of thousands. They have complained about paying their taxes and hoped politicians would help them fix the issue.

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