Westchester County is Getting Prepared for at Least a Foot of Snowfall

By the time the storm is finished, some parts of Westchester County may have received an inch of snow.

At Cross County Center in Yonkers, the slow-moving snowfall intensified. Shoppers noticed the amount that had gathered in a short period of time on the surface and on top of automobiles. Some consumers fled the store in haste due to the storm, but a few lingered to snap pictures of the wintry mix in front of holiday lights, creating a true winter wonderland.

Any person you questioned was forthcoming regarding the first snowstorm that dusted the Tri-State Area.

To improve the safety for vehicles, several snow plows were out spreading salt along Saw Mill River Parkway.

As cars reduced their pace during the first significant snowfall of the season, some of those routes occasionally became a heavily congested. Late on Wednesday night, the snowfall did appear to be tapering down, but the winds were intensifying.

Please keep monitoring the safety of the roads.

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