Yellow Air in Yonkers Caused by Canadian Wildfires

Yonkers residents woke up to a strange sight recently: the air was yellow. This phenomenon was caused by the wildfires in Canada that have been raging for weeks. Experts say it could take days for the air to clear up.

The wildfires in Canada have been burning for weeks now, and the smoke is affecting much of the Northeastern United States. The smoke has been carried by the winds, and as it swept across the country, it also brought the yellow air to Yonkers. The effects of the wildfires extend far beyond the city. The wildfires in Canada have already burned millions of acres of forests, and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes.

According to the National Weather Service, the smoke has created a layer of haze in the atmosphere, which is why the air appears yellow. The smoke is also causing poor air quality, which can be dangerous for people with respiratory issues.

The Yonkers Fire Department has issued a statement warning residents to stay indoors if possible. And The Yonkers Public Schools announced that all schools are closed on Thursday June 8th. It is advised that people avoid outdoor activities, especially exercise, until the air clears up. Residents are also being urged to keep their windows and doors closed to keep the smoke out of their homes. The yellow air may be unsettling, but the real danger is the smoke that is carrying harmful particles into the air.

In the meantime, Yonkers residents should take precautions to protect their health and stay indoors as much as possible. Let’s hope for a swift end to the wildfires and a return to normal air quality in Yonkers and across the Northeast.

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