Battle of the Bacon Egg and Cheese Comes to Riverfest

New York’s most iconic breakfast sandwich is taking center stage at Yonkers Riverfest with the first annual Bacon Egg and Cheese Cook-Off.

Broadcasting the event are food enthusiasts Francis Volpe (co-founder of Y NOT YOU Media) and Nicky Smalls (owner of iconic lash lounge and iconic beauty suites) from “Snack Time.” This hot new online show takes culinary journeys across the county to explore local food while giving honest reviews with genuine reactions and entertaining chemistry. The channel covers various cuisines, rating based on taste and presentation while also showcasing communities and cultural hotspots.

Supporting “Snack Time” as emcee is lifelong Yonkers resident and community organizer, Hector Santiago. Santiago earned the nickname, “Hector the Connector” after founding an initiative called, “Stop and Shake” which breaks down barriers between the police and the residents they serve. He later became an advocate for mental health and was appointed to the Human Rights Commission in Yonkers.

The culinary cook-off competition

Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich BEC -
Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich – credit: Sip & Feast

But the stars of this show will be the restaurants and the tasty sandwiches they serve. Five local eateries take center stage at Yonkers Riverfest on Saturday, September 23rd to find out who has the best Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich.

The question actually arose in the original “Snack Time” video when Francis and Nicky visited Delgado’s in Yonkers. It was here they realized that some of the best Bacon Egg and Cheese’s are here in Westchester County. Thus challenging the belief by some that NYC reigns supreme. So, Delgado’s and others will duke it out to see who is the big cheese of the BEC.

For now, the announced contestants are:

The hardest job on Earth

It may seem tough to mess up such a simple and innately delicious sandwich. But, crafting an iconic Bacon Egg and Cheese worthy of praise is a challenge. And to judge that impossible challenge are four locals with particular palates. Westchester Magazine’s Cristiana Caruso is joined by influencer Kate Schlientz,”Westchester BloggerItzel Aguilera, and Food Content Creator Quailoe James.

The event will see each competing eatery make two sandwiches per judge. Akin to a Food Network game show, the judges will taste each sandwich and mark-up a formal score card. These cards rank qualities like “cheese melt,” consistency between the two sandwiches, and the quality of the bread. Then, the judges will privately conference with the hosts to determine the final scores and this year’s winner.

While all contestants benefit from showcasing their egg-cellent sandwiches to the world, the big winner receives a trophy and the bragging rights to say theirs is the best Bacon Egg and Cheese in Westchester. This year’s winner will also automatically be entered into next year’s competition which may see contestants hail from across the entire state.

As hype builds to discover who has the number one BEC in the YO, be sure to check out each shop ahead of time to make your own choice. For the guys at “Snack Time,” supporting local businesses so “they get the love they deserve” is the whole point.

bec cook off

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