MorDance Makes a Move to New Space in Yonkers

MorDance, a ballet company at the forefront of the vibrant performing-arts scene, is breaking fresh ground as they move to Yonkers ahead of the spring season. The company aims to build long-term meaningful connections with local communities in the area; with this move marking a key step in that direction.

MorDance is an innovative women-led ballet company and non-profit based in New York City. Artistic Director Morgan McEwen founded the company in 2014 with a strong focus on social change, diversity, inclusion, and transcending artistic boundaries. Its creative and original programs clearly showcase this effort. Through dance, MorDance strives to break down social barriers and foster a more equal playing field among all. The company encourages new and unique avenues of creative expression by fostering accessible spaces of empowerment achieved through their programing. Besides curating an imaginative cutting-edge program, MorDance strives for personal involvement in its greater community. Its desire to do so is showcased through its outreach to thousands of local underserved students and youth.

A new space in Yonkers

The company is eagerly anticipating an immanent move. Through collaboration with AMS Acquisitions, MorDance secured a 12,000-square-foot space with a view of the Hudson River. However, it expects this is only the beginning of a long-standing presence in the city of Yonkers. The company plans to establish a more permanent location with a 200-seat box theater and high quality rehearsal space in the near future.

MorDance company
MorDance company in its Yonkers space – credit: Kelsey Campbell

MorDance believes this move to Yonkers, and its fostering of community connection, will help expand their audience. This move also facilitates the company’s hopes of regularly sharing its rehearsals with the public as well as its plans for outdoor performances beginning this summer.

Artistic Director Morgan McEwen shared her vision and desire for the move.

Yonkers offers a vibrant cultural landscape, and we are eager to contribute to its artistic tapestry. Our relocation is not just about finding a new home for MorDance; it’s about building bridges through the transformative power of ballet. We believe in the ability of the arts to inspire, connect, and enrich lives, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey in Yonkers.

MorDance has many exciting upcoming developments and will host its first Yonkers-based performance season from April 30 to May 4. The company will then continue with its established performance season in Manhattan. In addition to these performances, MorDance now also holds the title of the Hudson River Museum‘s spring/summer 2024 Teaching Artist-in-Residence. As such, it will collaborate with the museum to bring audiences unique public events and performances, drawing inspiration from the museum’s exhibition entitled Rivers Flow/Artists Connect.

With MorDance setting its sights on an ambitious expansion, the people of Yonkers can expect to enjoy their innovative performances and community engagement soon.

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