“Pizzeria Face Off” in Yonkers Declares Winner in Epic Pizza Showdown

In a city known for its passionate love of pizza, Yonkers recently concluded its thrilling “Pizzeria Face Off” competition. This showdown brought March Madness to the world of pizza. Over the course of several weeks, 32 renowned pizzerias battled it out for the coveted title of Yonkers’ best pizza.

The bracket-style competition, held online, saw enthusiastic Yonkers residents rallying behind their favorite local pizza joints. Votes were cast via Yonkers’ official Facebook and Instagram stories, and as the rounds progressed, the excitement only grew. The competition, likened to the intensity of March Madness, reached its climax with the Final Four contenders

  • Carlo’s
  • Louie & Johnnie’s Ristorante
  • Gino’s Pizzeria on South Broadway
  • Dom & Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Louie and Johnnie’s and Gino’s Pizzeria stood as the finalists vying for the title of Yonkers’ best pizza.

The winner

Gino's pizza slice
A slice from Gino’s – credit: Facebook

After the dust settled and the votes were tallied, the winner was clear. Gino’s Pizzeria on South Broadway emerged victorious, securing 55% of the online votes. This iconic eatery has been serving delectable pizza pies in Yonkers for over four decades. And their victory is a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality and taste. Gino’s Pizzeria’s triumph was particularly sweet as they beat out over 30 formidable competitors.

With the “Pizzeria Face Off” now over, the Yonkers community can take pride in knowing that they have crowned their finest pizza maker. If you place didn’t make it, try again next time.

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