Spooky Delights Await at Mr. Tillie’s Nightmare Carnival in Park Hill

Mr. Tillie’s Nightmare Carnival to draw thrill seekers and brave souls with tales of eerie disappearances and a mysterious lone clown haunting the area. Test your mettle through this spooky scene at the Park Hill Racquet Club from October 27th through 29th.

A spooky scene

The carnival invites all who dare to step right up into its nightmarish world. At the heart of this carnival lies, “They Who Are Not There,” a bone-chilling haunted maze that defies description. This no-contact haunt immerses visitors in an otherworldly experience of strobing lights, deafening sounds, and fog obscuring reality from nightmare.

For those who are undeterred by the prospect of spine-tingling terror, Mr. Tillie’s Nightmare Carnival offers more than just scares. The event promises an electrifying atmosphere that encourages guests to stay for the drinks and entertainment, ensuring that the night is unforgettable in every sense. Whether you’re brave enough to explore the twisted corridors of “They Who Are Not There” or simply seeking a Halloween thrill like no other, this carnival is the place to be.

Mr. Tillie’s Nightmare Carnival will run from October 27th at 7:00 PM to October 29th at 9:30 PM EDT. It is located at the Park Hill Racquet Club on 2 Glenbrook Avenue in Yonkers, New York.

So, embrace the unknown and experience the thrill of a lifetime by making your way to Mr. Tillie’s Nightmare Carnival. Just remember, once you step through those gates, there may be no turning back. And the nightmares you encounter may haunt your dreams for years to come.

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Mr. Tillie's Nightmare Carnival flyer

Mr. Tillie’s Nightmare Carnival issues a fair warning to potential patrons, advising those with heart-related medical conditions, seizures, or pregnancy concerns to exercise discretion before entering. The carnival’s organizers emphasize their right to remove anyone at any time.

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