Styles P’s Farma Cares and Yonkers Family YMCA Launch ‘Plant Based Community Dine-In Night’ to Promote Health and Accessibility

Local hip-hop icon Styles P, a longtime advocate for healthy, plant based eating, is taking his mission to new heights with the launch of ‘Plant Based Community Dine-In Night’ in collaboration with the Yonkers Family YMCA.

The mission

Styles P, known for his successful career as a veteran MC, transitioned to a vegan lifestyle over a decade ago. Since then, he’s dedicated his resources to championing the benefits of plant based eating. His commitment to this cause led him to establish the Yonkers-based, Juices for Life. And after that, Farmacy For Life, the first ever natural health food store deeply rooted in the hip-hop culture.

“Farma Cares” is Styles P’s newly founded nonprofit organization. It aims at dismantling the barriers to adopting a plant based lifestyle, especially among marginalized communities. The ‘Plant Based Community Dine-In Night’ advances this mission by offering affordable vegetarian meals to the community.

In an interview earlier this year, Styles P spoke on the importance of making plant based living accessible to all. Regardless of one’s background or socioeconomic status, he declared, “Health is for everybody.”

We want people to know that health is for everyone, especially if you’re from a poor neighborhood. We’re just trying to reverse the knowledge.

Farma Cares
Community Flyer – credit: Yonkers Family YMCA

The inaugural event on Friday September 22nd featured a menu curated by Styles P and his wife Adjua. The event held at the Yonkers Family YMCA on 17 Riverdale Ave was open to the public; marking a significant milestone in promoting accessible and nutritious food choices–particularly within underserved Black and Brown communities.

As the ‘Plant Based Community Dine-In Night’ takes root in the City of Yonkers, it holds the promise of fostering healthier and more sustainable lifestyles within communities that need it most.

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