Council President Khader Urges Replacing Public Trash Cans

Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader is getting a first-hand look at the trash issues that have spurred complaints from residents and business owners in central Yonkers neighborhoods. As issues with litter escalate, Khader is considering the needs of residents.

The issues surrounding litter stem from a decision by the Department of Public Works to remove public litter baskets. They were discontinued from public use because they were being used for commercial and residential dumping and overflowing onto the street. However, without access to trash bins, litter accumulates on the sidewalks, roads, and gutters–greatly decreasing the quality of life of residents and visitors to the area.

Responding to calls from Yonkers citizens to walk through the community to see the extent of the issue for himself, Khader visited several neighborhoods and posted about his experiences on social media.

“After receiving numerous calls and emails I met with some residents today,” Khader stated. “They wanted me to walk through their neighborhood. Litter is a huge problem in our city. It is important residents take pride, and do their part by properly disposing their trash. It is evident we need more effective trash receptacles throughout the city.”

The majority of trash cans were removed from public spaces in 2018. At the time, Yonkers Commissioner of Public Works Thomas Meier said of the decision:

“The city has several-hundred litter baskets, which are emptied daily and are intended for pedestrian litter only. Instead, our crews regularly respond to overflowing litter baskets, which are filed with commercial and household refuge. For these reasons, the city will be implementing the removal of public litter baskets.”

City Council President Khader, meanwhile, has questioned the decision and is committed to seeing the litter baskets replaced as a way to improve the lives of Yonkers residents.

“Quality of life issues affects everyone, regardless of political party. There have been no cuts to DPW services under my leadership of the City Council. We need to take pride in our neighborhoods [and] there should be trash cans in our neighborhoods.”

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