Exclusive Interview with Accused Child Sexual Predator Anand Singh’s Ex-Girlfriend

The Anand Singh story has begun to pivot itself around transparency and accountability in government. However, this isn’t just a story on process and structure-there are real people involved in this scandal. And these people have been hurt not only by Anand, but also by those who have the duty to protect them.

Anand Singh text message
Conversation between Anand Singh and GF

Shortly after we broke the initial story about Anand Singh’s outing as a potential child sexual predator, a woman emailed us who claimed to be dating Anand. She asked to remain anonymous to the public, and we are respecting her privacy. However, we did verify her authenticity. By delivering to us timestamped text messages, voicemails, and even photographs of the couple, we are confident that this person is who she claims. For the remainder of this story as we recount our conversation, we will refer to her as, “GF.”

We wanted to know more about GF’s relationship with Anand, how she felt about the accusations against him, and the county’s actions in response. During a recorded Zoom call, GF answered our prepared questions, but also revealed new information about her recent time with Anand Singh.

YL: How did you first meet Anand?

GF: Anand messaged me initially in July of 2021 on my Instagram Story. I finally responded almost two years later in March of this year. This would be three months after he was caught on the OBL channel. I Googled him thoroughly before we met. He told me he worked in government and I verified that online. We met in person three days later and we had a great first date.

GF then goes on to say how Anand was very proactive at the onset of their relationship. He insisted, almost immediately, that they would have a busy summer of going on vacations together. With the knowledge GF now has of Anand’s potential criminal liability, she thinks he may just have been trying to run away.

YL: Could this also have been a tactic to get you close to him or get you alone?

GF: Yes, after our first date he insisted I come to his house. He gave me his address and literally the code to unlock his door. I thought that was kind of scary and I even sent a screenshot to my friend saying this was so weird. I didn’t go.

On Friday, April 14th, Anand told GF that he lost his job and was given no cause for his termination. She consoled him, but after a couple of days of thinking about it, she recalled that Anand had previously said how difficult it is to be fired from a government job. On Sunday, she confronted him to explain the real reason for his termination. Anand replied that, “his past caught up with him and she would be better off forgetting him.” He then instructed her to Google him again. For the next two hours of reading our article and watching the video she could only think, “what do I do?” After this, she felt that not only was she “scared to know him, but I was so scared that he knew me.”

YL: It seems like this all moved very fast. You had only recently met him and soon after, this all comes out.

GF: I didn’t know him that long. We only went on a few dates. But, it makes me so upset because I would have never met him had the Westchester Board of Legislators-or anyone-done anything about this. Had Anand not had a job in government, I don’t think I would have ever met him.

After fully digesting the contents of the video, GF noted the similarities in what Anand said to the decoy to what he had said to her. Fully realizing the truth of what she saw, she messaged Anand telling him that he belonged in prison. Anand then immediately blocked her. They have not spoken since.

GF also doesn’t think she was the only girl who Anand was speaking with. He mentioned his profiles on numerous dating apps. And at the time of their first interaction, Anand was following 5,000 girls on Instagram. GF believes that Anand would use these dating apps to meet up with as many girls as possible, as fast as possible.

YL: Do you think the Board of Legislators waited too long to fire Anand?

GF: Yes. As soon as this happened, OBL reached out to his job and they didn’t do anything about it. It’s negligence. Why wasn’t he suspended? If they had an investigation or put out a statement, they could have had other victims come forward. I, most likely, would have never met him. He even remained on the Board of Legislators live-streamed meetings. He would send them to me to verify his position of power. That’s incredibly inappropriate.

On April 7th, Anand even told GF that he just got a bonus. This bonus bumped his pay to six figures.

We’re supposed to be living in this time of the #METOO movement. But, multiple people knew and nobody said a thing. Absolutely nothing happened to Anand until a Youtuber posted a video.

YL: Has your judgement in picking partners changed?

GF: Yes. I feel like each guy is worse and literally more scary than the last. I don’t think I’ll go on another date with a guy for like, a few years. This terrified me.

On one occasion, GF and Anand did get into an argument where Anand said, “men are falsely accused all the time.” GF informed him that it was not nearly comparable to the number of assaults that go unreported. She also asked if he had ever been accused. Anand never answered.

YL: Did he ever talk about settling down and having a family?

GF: He did say he wanted a family. But, he had such a facade about him. He wore suits everywhere, a Rolex, he just brought a brand new car (presumably to hide the one from the OBL video). So, looking back, it was all fake.

YL: Does this make you see the label of “Government Official” less highly?

GF: Yes, especially regarding the elections and how it keeps getting brought up. This has absolutely nothing to do with it. Anand is a predator…and they exist on all sides. Law enforcement and government should be conducting internal investigations constantly to reveal men like this. It shouldn’t take a Youtube video to have men like this exposed. And I’m really glad that the DA is now involved. I think the whole Board is guilty. I think Anand is guilty. And I think they are all hiding something.

At my job, and I’m sure at your job too, if anything like this comes up, there’s an immediate investigation, suspension, or termination. You cannot have these allegations exist anywhere else but in this government apparently.

GF then recalled an anecdote when Anand said he was babysitting the child of a co-worker. She was shocked at how he could be alone with this child, especially now knowing he was supposedly under investigation.

Appearing to feel both relieved, but still upset, by telling her story, GF concluded with a comment on the officials who are meant to protect their community.

There’s no doubt in my mind that they are attempting to cover something up, even if it’s just their own inaction.

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