Westchester DA, Mimi Rocah, Investigating Legislators Over Child Sex Predator Scandal

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, led by Mimi Rocah, is now investigating the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) over their knowledge and procedures leading to the termination of alleged child sex predator, Anand Singh.

In a letter dated Tuesday, April 18th, Chief Assistant District Attorney Amy Finzi transmitted a notice to BOL Chair, Catherine Borgia. In this letter, the department cites their knowledge of suspected criminal activity by now-former BOL staffer, Anand Singh. They state they were made aware of these allegations on April 14th. This is only one day after the public release of a Youtube video that details Singh’s conduct.

The allegations against Singh

In “to catch a predator”-like sting operations, the private group, OBL Global, lures men into engaging in what they believe to be child sex crimes. During December 2022, OBL began chatting online with Anand Singh of Tarrytown while pretending to be a 14 year-old girl. In the explicit text messages and voice calls that followed, Singh describes sexual acts he would like to engage in with the decoy. These messages culminated in an in-person meeting in New Jersey where Singh was ambushed by OBL on a livestream in late December.

Anand Singh Shirtless Selfie
Anand Singh – OBL Global

Viewers of the livestream contacted BOL members to report the incident. Legislator Colin Smith of the first district then communicated these allegations to Chairwoman Borgia. With Singh being central staff, Borgia is solely responsible for this employee. Both Smith and Borgia state that they also reported this to the Department of Public Safety. In the following months, OBL claims they were contacted by the BOL and Public Safety on this matter. But, it was not until the public release of the fully-produced Youtube video on April 13th that Singh was terminated from his government employment. Singh is now being investigated by the FBI’s “Safe Streets” task force.

The request for documents

The letter to the BOL from the DA requests “all data, materials, notes, information and communications” on this matter. Specifically, it also requires any notices given to elected board members related to this incident. To date, the only legislators proven to be aware of this allegation pre-April are Smith and Borgia.

The massive amounts of data requested about Singh’s investigation is supplemented by data generated by Singh himself. Mimi Rocah also requests all electronic device data–including location information–in use by Singh during his time at the BOL.

We contacted the Westchester DA’s office and they issued the following response.

The District Attorney became aware on Friday, April 14, 2023 of an allegation of criminal conduct involving a Westchester County Board of Legislators employee and immediately began looking into the matter. There will be no further comment at this time.

You can read the full letter by clicking here.

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