Sam Riti Wins “AMVET of the Year” Award

Sam Riti wears several hats, he’s a community advocate, a veteran, and basketball referee who has lived an exciting life. He got involved in volunteering at a very young age and credits his parents for motivating him to work to make life better for others.

“My mother and father always said that if you can do something to help someone, you do it, and if you’re going to do it, you do it right,” said the Yonkers resident. “It’s not about you. It’s about helping other people. That’s what’s important.”

A former postal worker, he became a basketball referee in 1979 and has chaired several fund-raising efforts over the years and has been associated with a number of names, including the YMCA, the Yonkers PAL, and the Muscular Dystrophy Organization.

Riti, however, is best known for helping veterans. He served in the army for two years, during the Vietnam War, and is a part of AMVETS, an organization supporting active duty members and veterans.

“I’m pleased and proud to work for the good of veterans,” he says, “and I’ve worked with everyone who is for veterans — Republicans, Democrats, it doesn’t matter. If they’re doing something for veterans, they can count on me to help.”

His hard work, service, and commitment again has him recognized by AMVETS after being previously awarded “Silver Helmet Veteran of the
Year” in 2014.

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