Yo Digo No Mas Leads Walk Against Sexual Abuse of Children in Yonkers

Hundreds of people attended the second annual Walk Against Sexual Abuse of Children on April 29th. It was organized by the Yo Digo No Mas (I Say No More) organization in conjunction with city officials and the Yonkers School District.

Yo Digo No Mas is a movement dedicated to preventing sexual abuse of children. Its founder, Maria Trusa, was a survivor of sexual abuse at the age of 9. This motivated her to create a group that would provide support to other survivors.

Despite the rainy weather, people were enthusiastic about attending the event to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The event aimed to highlight the importance of taking action to combat sexual abuse of children and to offer support to survivors.

Maria Trusa emphasized the significance of the moment, stating, “We don’t stop. Rain, snow, storm – nothing will stop this moment because the children are being heard. We say no more.

Survivors and supporters of survivors shared their stories on the stage. Ana Albarran spoke about her father, who is currently the most wanted man for child abuse in America. She said, “On Thanksgiving, we found out that he was molesting children. When he found out he was going to be prosecuted, he went on the run. I’m here today because my father’s victims deserve justice.

Oscar Luna emphasized the importance of providing support to those who have been through such experiences, stating, “We need to make sure those that go through this have the support that they need to heal.

Astrid Rivera, a survivor, was abused by her mother’s uncle at the age of 7. She explained how important it is to speak out about assault.

“I didn’t want to break the relationship of my family, so I never spoke about it. Words have power, and when you speak, there’s a sense of liberation. That’s part of the healing process.”

The Walk Against Sexual Abuse of Children event organized by Yo Digo No Mas was a crucial initiative aimed at raising awareness about sexual abuse and its impacts on children. It is essential to ensure that survivors receive the necessary support to help them heal and that perpetrators of such crimes are brought to justice.

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