Wake Up, Latino Community in Yonkers

These past twelve years we have seen the Yonkers Latino Community marginalized by the current Mayor.

In critical posts in the Executive Branch of Government we have found no Latinos in cabinet positions. We have found one Latino as the Commissioner of Human Resources, period.

A total of 317 Latino City Employees or 15% of the total municipal workforce. Remember the Yonkers Latino community totals approximately 85,000 residents. There are about 210,000 total Yonkers residents. The Yonkers Latino community has been left out of the Yonkers economic development “renaissance.”

We must shout from the highest mountain, “The Yonkers Latino Community can not be ignored any longer.” The Yonkers Latino Community has been used and abandoned by the city fathers and we let it happened.

Wake up Latino Community

Now that Mayor Mike Spano was re-elected, we need him to understand that the status quo is not acceptable in Yonkers any longer. The Westchester County Executive race is around the corner. Some of the same players may try to run for that post. If very little was done for Latinos in Yonkers imagine what they will do for us at a county level! The Latino community needs to seek out one of its own who can raise $1 million dollars for the next Yonkers mayoral campaign in 2028. It can be done with proper planning, organization and fundraising.

Levantate Pueblo!!!

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