Yonkers Dirty Dollar Tree Store

This story was syndicated with permission by Ardina Seward from the SW Yonkers’ Hamlet Hub

The Family Dollar Store located at 382 Warburton Avenue in Yonkers is temporarily closed. Those who are seeking a bargain have migrated to the Dollar Tree store, located further south at 303 South Broadway. 

Dollar Tree has been a fixture in the south west Yonkers community for several years. It offers affordable shopping to a predominantly low income community. Over the years, Dollar Tree has expanded it’s brands and expanded it’s prices. Many items  that previously sold for one dollar are not posted as $1.25. In addition, a new $5.00 section has been added. 

As a result, Dollar Tree stock has climbed quickly. As of this writing, Dollar Tree is selling for $155.17 per share. As a comparison, the Disney stock price as of this writing is $107.18. Some would call it shrewd management, others would call it exploitation.

SW Yonkers has written extensively on the state of the Dollar Tree store in south west Yonkers. Management has made little effort to improve the store. Conversely, it has progressively gotten worse. A recent video taken by Yonkers Voice details unsanitary conditions in the Dollar Tree parking lot conducive to rats. 

Inside, Dollar Tree shows signs of equal  negligence. Shelves are partially stocked and dirt and debris abundant. Shoppers wait in line on the average of twenty minutes to make a purchase. Consistently, there are only two cashiers staffed. 

Most Dollar Tree shoppers are sadly resigned to their fate. An elderly woman who had been patiently waiting in line, stated. “What can we do. If they close the store, where else can we afford to shop?

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