Candidate Michael Gerald Pauses Campaign Against Jamaal Bowman for NY-16 Congressional Seat

In a surprising move, Michael Gerald, a Democratic candidate for the 16th Congressional District seat, announced that he will temporarily suspend his campaign. He awaits a decision from Westchester County Executive George Latimer on his potential run.

The 16th district includes cities like Yonkers, White Plains, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle in Westchester County and parts of the Bronx. With over 750,000 residents, it is large, diverse, and politically important district. Current Congressional Representative Jamaal Bowman won the seat by ousting career politician Eliot Engel in 2020. He then defended his seat without much of a challenge. However, Bowman is not without his detractors and Michael Gerald announced his 2024 run against Bowman earlier this year.

Wait and see

But, Gerald’s decision to abruptly pause his campaign made was public on Tuesday. He claims it stems from his admiration for fellow Democrat, George Latimer. He believes that Latimer would make an “outstanding candidate” for the congressional seat.

If George runs, he would be fantastic. If he does not run, we will be full speed ahead.

Gerald’s announcement follows a notable point of debate within the Democratic Party. Incumbent Bowman has taken a stance on the conflict in Israel that diverges from many in the party. Rather than supporting Israel’s military efforts, Bowman has called for a ceasefire on both sides of the conflict.

Rally for ceasefire in Gaza - October 27, 2023. Jamaal Bowman
Jamaal Bowman speaking at a rally for peace – credit: Elizabeth Diaz

We need to be focused on diplomatic solutions that center love and our shared humanity, which is exactly why I’m calling for a ceasefire and for all of the hostages to be released.

Jamaal Bowman – Representative NYCD16

Bowman’s stance has garnered attention and criticism, particularly from some Jewish leaders. But, Gerald also shares in this criticism. So, in light of this, he believes that Latimer would be a better candidate given Westchester’s substantial and influential Jewish community.

George Latimer has not yet officially announced his decision regarding the congressional seat. His choice will not only influence the dynamics of the Democratic primary but also the overall political landscape in the 16th district.

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