Clarkstown Follows Yonkers’ Lead on Gerrymandering

The Rockland county town which is fresh off a debate on term limits, is now facing more political shenanigans in the form of gerrymandering.

In the final days of 2022, three residents of Clarkstown sued their own city to contest the legality of term limits. These term limits were implemented solely as a legislative action by the town board. The most notable plaintiff was the town’s supervisor, George Hoehmann. Hoehmann was blocked from seeking another term due to this law. Less than two weeks later, the town repealed its own term limits law in an effort to hopefully put this matter to bed. Hoehmann and others claim that term limits may only be enacted via public referendum. This is also the opinion of many here in Yonkers – just not the majority of the City Council or current Mayor.

Now Clarkstown is undergoing its mandatory redistricting process and allegations of retaliation via gerrymandering are being levied. In a tweet posted by the Clarkstown Democratic Party, it alleges that two councilmen are being punished for their opposition to Hoehmann over term limits.

Similar stories are being said over the redistricting process in Yonkers. At least two candidates have already publicly stated that they believe they have been moved out of their districts to prevent them from challenging incumbents. Furthermore, a City Council Member and candidate for mayor who was opposed to the recent term limits extension has seen his district wildly changed. These changes will make it near-impossible for him to win a re-election in 2025 – assuming he loses his mayoral bid in 2023.

The City Council President, Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, released a public statement on Friday Jan. 27 addressing these concerns and others. After two vocal town halls where residents voiced unanimous opposition to these maps, the CCP has acknowledged that Yonkers shouldn’t proceed as-is.

But in Clarkstown, no such acknowledgement has yet been made. There will be a public hearing on the matter held in the Clarkstown Town Hall on Tues. Feb. 7th at 7pm.

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