Former Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone Endorses Anthony Merante for Mayor

Official Press Release from Anthony Merante

Phil Amicone the former two- term, Republican Mayor of Yonkers today endorsed Yonkers businessman, community leader and 6th District Councilmember Anthony Merante for Mayor of Yonkers.

Amicone said of Merante, “ I’ve known Anthony for decades. He’s a 35-year Yonkers resident, homeowner and community leader and is totally committed to the success of Yonkers. For the past five years on the City Council, Anthony has shown his work ethic and dedication to his constituents in working relentlessly to solving their problems. Anthony is also a man of great integrity. He has proven this by leading the fight to restore the term limits decision back to voters. I believe Anthony has the determination, energy, business know -how and , as a CPA, the fiscal expertise to lead Yonkers to a better future.

Anthony Merante stated, “ I’m honored to receive the endorsement of our last great Republican Mayor Phil Amicone. During Phil’s eight years as Mayor and prior eight as Deputy Mayor his vision led to the transformation of Yonkers with many major development projects that we see realized and are enjoying today. Mayor Amicone oversaw the rebuilding of the waterfront and its parks, our magnificent downtown library and two new parking garages, the Ridge Hill shopping center, the daylighting of the Saw Mill River, a new animal shelter along with a new recycling center. Phil also launched YPIE, Yonkers Partners In Education, an initiative to aid our public school students in getting into college. Mayor Amicone was a leader who achieved tangible results that improved residents’ lives. I will do the same by prioritizing the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure such as our sewers which are constantly flooding and water pipes that are consistently breaking. Our deteriorating roads wreak havoc on our vehicles and must be repaired.

Merante added, “ As mayor, I also intend to restore public service and fiscal responsibility to City Hall. I will be a fighter for the forgotten people of Yonkers and will protect them from any threats that may diminish their quality of life.”

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