James Nolan Calls for the Resignation of Chairwoman Borgia and Public Safety Commissioner Raynor

Official Press Release from James Nolan

After more and more details have come out about Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairwoman Borgia’s and Westchester County Department of Public Safety’s handling of the situation of sexual misconduct allegations against a former Board employee; I am calling on the resignation of Chairwoman Catherine Borgia and of Public Safety Commissioner Raynor because of the mishandling of the situation.

The multiple reports surfacing concerning sexual misconduct surrounding a former legislative staffer are horrific and could potentially demonstrate that some elected legislators put protecting their own employees above protecting the public.

This legislative assistant drove over three hours seeking one thing, a sexual encounter with a young 14-year-old child. That is nothing short of appalling and most importantly, predatory.

This is not political rhetoric and should not be politicized for any person’s benefit. It is simply the facts concerning what transpired.

Upon learning about these accusations, leadership should have suspended this former employee pending an investigation into the matter.

More on the Singh Scandal

County’s Top Cop told Borgia to Fire Anand Singh; was ignored.

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