Police Advice to Legislators Chair Borgia on Accused Sex Predator, “Fire Him”

While most of the news to date on accused child sex predator Anand Singh has focused on the knowledge and actions of the Board of Legislators (BOL), the involvement of the Westchester County police has been mostly unreported. Now, we do know more about what Commissioner of Public Safety Terrance Raynor did in this matter.

In December 2022, BOL staffer Anand Singh was caught in an amateur child sexual predator sting. Days later, a viewer of that sting operation and member of the group’s Discord server messaged the two legislators who led the committees to which Singh was assigned. Legislators Smith and Boykin transmitted this report to the BOL Clerk and Singh’s boss, Chairwoman Catherine Borgia. In a statement, Borgia says she tasked local law enforcement with this investigation.

Raynor Investigates Singh

The Department of Public Safety is that law enforcement agency, and County Executive George Latimer appointed its leader, Terrance Raynor. When we spoke with the individual who emailed Smith and Boykin in December, they informed us that Commissioner Raynor did make contact in early January 2023. Their 30-minute phone call focused mainly on Raynor’s insistence on the video evidence of Singh’s actions. However, this individual did not own, nor even possess the video. It was also not presently available on Youtube as the OBL channel had been recently suspended. Raynor was directed to the contact the group’s leader, Ramy.

Being unable to secure the video evidence he sought, even from Ramy, Raynor still made a recommendation to Chairwoman Borgia. Commissioner Raynor told Borgia that while not able to fully corroborate the claims, that she should still terminate the employment of Anand Singh. He even assured her that he would handle it personally saying, “I’ll come up there and escort him out myself.

Borgia did not fire Anand Singh until the fully-produced Youtube video was released on April 13th, 2023. It doesn’t appear that Singh had faced much discipline at all prior to his termination–even having received a pay raise just weeks before his termination. This lenience has been attributed by insiders to long-time friend who hired Singh to the BOL, Borgia’s own Chief of Staff–Melanie Montalto.

Transparency within Government

Revelations like these come as a surprise to the public. But, they have also been a surprise to most members of the Board of Legislators themselves. In an emergency meeting held on April 20th, the 17-member body first learned of most of these facts. It seems like this meeting was a catalyst for yet a second legislator to call for Borgia’s resignation.

Just two days before that meeting, Westchester DA Mimi Rocah delivered notice to the BOL. In it, she requested documents for an investigation she initiated on their handling of this matter. While questions over criminal liability and jurisdiction still loom, it appears that Rocah’s office was only informed of Singh’s potential crimes the day after the Youtube video was released on April 14th. Therefore, the BOL and Westchester PD must have excluded that office from any prior investigatory actions.

County Executive George Latimer has said that he awaits the DA’s full report to make any further actions on this incident. He has promised full transparency moving forward.

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