Local Activist Group Calls on DA to Investigate Spano Nepotism

The group, NYCD16 Indivisible, sent a letter to the Westchester District Attorney, calling on her to investigate the Spano administration over nepotism and corruption.

The Bombshell Article

What spurred this request was the Wednesday publication of an investigative news article revealing that at least 14 members of the Mayor’s family work on the city’s payroll. David McKay Wilson of Journal News/LoHud outlined not only the relationships these individuals have with Mayor Mike Spano, but also their salaries. While The Yonkers Ledger is compiling a more exhaustive list, to date at least two million dollars of tax-payer money goes to the Spano family each year. The NY Post then also ran this story; generating national attention to this issue.

In response, former Yonkers Inspector General, Phil Zisman, published his opinion on a potential ethics investigation that he believes should occur.

The Request for Investigation

Not content to wait on the mayor-appointed IG or the mayor-appointed Board of Ethics to pursue this investigation, NYCD16 Indivisible went straight to the County’s District Attorney–Mimi Rocah.

NYCD-16 Indivisible is a progressive activist organization in New York’s 16th Congressional District that was founded in 2017. The 1,200-member strong group has symbiotic support with most prominent local officials. This relationship thus provides the group with outsized influence. In their letter to the DA dated April 27th, they make a plain request.

We write to request that your office open an investigation into nepotism, abuse of taxpayer dollars, corruption, and abuse of power in the City of Yonkers under Mayor Mike Spano.

The letter proceeds to outline evidence of potential nepotism and corruption. It requests that these allegations be reviewed for the sake of “accountability and the rule of law.”

The full letter can be read below.

We have contacted the Westchester DA’s office for comment, and are awaiting their response.

But, the “friends and family” network in Yonkers government has been an open secret for years. And now, on the verge of a potential fourth term, will the Mayor’s vast government-employed family become a liability instead of an asset?

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