Mayoral Candidate Anthony Merante Warned About Campaigning on Government Property

Yonkers City Council member and Republican candidate for Mayor, Anthony Merante, received a cease-and-desist letter instructing him to not campaign on city property.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, October 26th, security footage captured council member Merante and his aide distributing political literature at the Nepperhan Avenue DPW facility. The footage shows the pair stopping trucks as they exited to hand city workers a letter and other goods.

Merante union letter

The letter attempts to dispel a rumor that Mr. Merante is anti-union. While the intent of the letter may could be perceived as non-political, it was printed on his campaign’s letterhead. Furthermore, the letter concludes with an implicit call for support on election day.

City Hall were immediately notified by on-site personnel and the Law Department responded. In the letter to Merante, the Corporation Counsel advises that “electioneering within […] non-public areas of City property is prohibited.” You may read the full letter below.

Merante electioneering letter

Response from Merante

In a statement from the candidate, Merante sarcastically rebuffs the warning sent by the Mayor’s administration.

Anthony Merante supporting unions
Anthony Merante – supplied

Yes, I admit I’m guilty of handing out cookies to our DPW workers and thanking them for their service. I also gave them a flyer letting them know I support our city workers and unions. This undertaking was in response to the Spano campaign spreading bogus information regarding my support of unions. I think that taxpayers would be more concerned about the culture of corruption in the Spano administration that continues to be exposed in the media. Most recently the appointment of a 23-year-old son of a huge Spano campaign donor to the all-important zoning board. Since I respect the law, I will refrain from further thanking our city workers on city property.

The end is nigh

The campaigning for Mayor of Yonkers appears to be boiling over with this recent incident. The 12-year Democratic incumbent, Mayor Mike Spano, is burning the candle at both ends to not miss a single photo-op. And now his underdog challenger is campaigning so aggressively that legal threats are being levied.

But, with election day less than two weeks away, cooler heads can hopefully prevail. Early voting begins Saturday October 27. You can find more information about dates and voting locations by clicking here.

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