Styles P Gets Real: Trump, Biden, and the Politics of ‘Clear Racism’

Styles P, a member of Yonkers’ The LOX hip-hop group, raised eyebrows when he recently shared his viewpoint on the presidencies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. During an interview on the Touré Show, he expressed a surprising preference for what he termed “clear racism.” Despite not endorsing Trump, Styles P explained that he found Trump’s overt racism more transparent than what he perceived as hidden agendas within Biden’s administration.

I did prefer when Trump was in office over Biden, and I can tell you clearly why. Black people paid more attention to what was going on,” the Yonkers native began. “We [are] in crisis now but—I’d rather have you tell me you don’t like me and know you don’t like me and you inform me than me have to guess it…I think the government been doing that for ages.”

However, Styles P emphasized that he did not support Trump in any way and acknowledged the challenges the country faced during his administration. He also criticized both major political parties for their shortcomings and their treatment of the Black community.

I think the country sucked under both of ’em […] I think politically, we’ve got to the point where people are just figuring out on picking the better poison,” he continued. “Whether you look at Trump, whether you look at Biden […] I would ask you what have either one of them done for us?

Styles P clarified that he did not vote in the 2020 election due to his dissatisfaction with both candidates. While he acknowledged the attention drawn during Trump’s presidency, he also expressed disillusionment with the overall political landscape. In a 2020 interview with All Hip Hop, Styles P expanded on his political viewpoint:

“Altogether, I’m not for either party, that’s where I stand. I think we need a whole new system. The Reds (Republicans), they at least want to hold on to they old traditional [expletive] style, where they’re at the top. I think what the Blues (Democrats) are doing now is really kind of controlling the whole country, trying to put us in a place where we don’t really see what’s happening.”

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