First Responders Rescue Woman Trapped in Flooded Car on Bronx River Road

Yonkers and Westchester County Police rescued a woman trapped in a sinking vehicle on the Bronx River Parkway last week. The officers, equipped with water rescue suits, acted swiftly to extract her just moments before the vehicle became fully submerged.

Another Rainstorm, Another Flood

With Yonkers being the city of hills, we are no strangers to heavy rain leading to flooding waters. The Saw Mill River Parkway, Central Avenue, and The Bronx River Parkway are nature’s easiest targets in our area.

We dealt with another round of powerful rain last week. On January 9th, Yonkers and Westchester County Police went through a nail-biting rescue after they learned that a woman was trapped inside her quickly sinking vehicle on the Bronx River Parkway.

The Emergency Service Unit promptly responded by donning water rescue suits and deploying a rescue boat to assist the stranded driver. Thankfully, they acted swiftly and efficiently as officers successfully extracted the woman from the vehicle by breaking the driver’s window and carefully pulling her through it. Subsequently, she was safely transferred onto the rescue boat.

Timing was indeed everything in this critical situation. Only seconds after rescuing the stranded driver, the vehicle became fully submerged in the floodwaters. This further highlighted the urgency and reliability of the police response.

It is easy enough to realize that we have been seeing a steady increase in floods and harsh rain. Due to this, be mindful of inclement weather and your ability to traverse it as even a light amount of water can impact a smaller vehicle.

Don’t risk your safety during intense weather, play it safe and stay put. However, all thanks to our local rescue and police departments because when accidents happen, they have proven that they will save the day.

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