DEA and Yonkers Police Joint Operation Seizes of $1.6 Million Worth of Narcotics

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in collaboration with Yonkers Police Department Narcotics Detectives, successfully thwarted a major drug trafficking attempt in the metropolitan area, culminating in the seizure of narcotics with a street value exceeding $1.6 million.

The months long investigation by the joint task force revealed a drug transportation route from New Jersey into Yonkers. Surveillance efforts led the team to a location where a black pickup truck appeared ready to exchange narcotics for cash. When investigators attempted to apprehend the driver, he resisted, causing damage to several vehicles in an attempt to escape. The suspect was eventually arrested, and 2 kilograms of narcotics were recovered.

Authorities also stopped a second vehicle involved in the operation. A Yonkers PD K9 officer named Hudson conducted a search, revealing the presence of narcotics. A thorough examination uncovered an additional 11 kilograms of narcotics, bringing the total seized in the operation to 13 kilograms. The confiscated substances included five kilograms of cocaine and eight kilograms of heroin. Seven kilograms also contained the potent synthetic opioid, fentanyl. The estimated street value of the seized narcotics exceeds over $1.6 million.

Yonkers Police k9 Hudson
Yonkers Police K9 Hudson – credit: YPD Facebook

The two individuals involved in the foiled drug transaction have been arrested. They face a charge of “Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics.”

Great work by our partners at the DEA, our YPD Detectives, and K9 Hudson!!

Yonkers Police Department

The operation underscores the importance of partnerships between local and federal law enforcement agencies in the ongoing mission to ensure the safety of the streets in Yonkers.

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