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The City of Yonkers has many volunteer boards and commissions where members can help guide the direction of the different aspects of our community. Residents can freely apply to these positions online with a simple form.

While some boards may appear to require technical expertise or experience, members may be appointed solely at the discretion of the Mayor and City Council. At present, many boards are lacking the requisite number of members and may not be meeting as often as they should. So, your help is needed! Review the summary of the boards below and think about how best you can serve your neighbors by applying-and joining-one of these boards or commissions.

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Board of Assessment Review

All property is assessed for its value so that taxes can be levied. This board hears complaints submitted regarding these assessments.

Board of Education Trustees

The Board of Education Trustees acts as the primary governing body for the Yonkers Public Schools. In many municipalities, a school board is elected. But, in Yonkers, each member of this nine-seat board is appointed solely by the Mayor. Appointments to this board can sometimes be a stepping stone to higher elected office.

Board of Ethics

Believe it or not, the City of Yonkers does have an extensive section of its Charter devoted to Ethical conduct. This board is meant to have seven members, though only four are recently accounted for. At the time of this writing, two listed on the website are even unfortunately deceased. These board members are appointed by the Mayor, the Presiding Judge of the Yonkers City Court, and the City Council President. They hold quarterly meetings which as of late consist only of the collection of financial disclosures, despite have a vast mandate.

Charter Revision Commission

Yonkers is governed by a Charter-essential its own constitution. When significant changes to this charter are proposed, this commission is meant to be consulted and offer an opinion. But, we have seen in recent years that this commission has been ignored. The nine members are solely appointed by the Mayor without review and the website appears to be outdated by many years.

Civil Service Commission

This board is responsible for administration and application of State Civil Service Law to most current and prospective employees of the city, city agencies, and Board of Education.

Community Development Agency

A city and local agency that handles acquisitions and dispositions in conjunction with Urban Renewal Area. The members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

Human Rights Commission

New York State has an extensive set of Humans Rights Laws. The purpose of this commission is to ensure allegations of violations are addressed and resolved. Members are appointed by the City Council and is currently host to notable residents like Hector Santiago and Jeni Wallace.

Landmarks Preservation Board

For the history buffs, this board is tasked with reviewing any alteration to existing historical landmarks. Current members include the official City Historian, Mary Hoar.

Municipal Housing Authority Board

In addition to the appointed seats, residents of MHACY also elect two representatives to this board. Its responsibility is to investigate and provide suggestions for improvements, to the living conditions within municipal housing in Yonkers.

Parks, Recreation & Conservation Board

This board makes recommendations regarding basic park policies and parks related programs; develops long-range plans for parks, open space acquisitions and facilities development in conjunction with the Planning Board and Commissioner; approves matters related to parks regulations, uses and fees.

Planning Board

The Planning Board studies and votes on applications for site plan review, affordable housing developments, special use permits and subdivisions, as well as the associated environmental reviews. They also participate in official map changes, zone changes, as well as the adoption and changes to the zoning ordinance, zoning map and master plan. They may also issue advisory opinions on other issues.

Ward Reapportionment Commission

The City of Yonkers is divided into 12 wards. These wards used to be represented by their own seat on the City Council before the council was condensed to six members. The wards still exist more so as a political, rather than governmental lines.

Yonkers Industrial Development Agency

Industrial Development Agencies exist all across Westchester County and the rest of New York State. They functionally serve to provide benefits to developers as an enticement for investment into a community. You can read a larger explanation of the YIDA in our article here:

Yonkers Parking Authority Board

This board is responsible for constructing, operating and maintaining parking facilities, buildings and structures for the storage of motor and other vehicles necessary and/or convenient to its purpose.

Yonkers Pier Development, Inc

The mission of the Yonkers Pier Development, Inc. is to develop, maintain and preserve the Yonkers Pier in an effort to generate, retain and grow employment opportunities in the Yonkers Downtown Waterfront area.

Yonkers Public Library Board of Trustees

Oversees the services available to all residents through the public library system; formulates and implements overall objectives and policies for the public library; determines how to expend appropriations from the city. This is a 5 year term and all members are appointed by the Board of Education.

Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board

Members of the Yonkers Joint School Construction Board have experience in housing development, construction, law enforcement and education. The board was established by New York State and has the authority to enter into contracts for design, construction, and management of Yonkers Public Schools’ construction projects. The board meets monthly to vote on funding and plan changes as necessary.

Yonkers Youth Bureau Board

This board is responsible for recommending youth programs and projects.

Zoning Board of Appeals

In regards to real estate development, the Zoning Board of Appeals is rivaled only by the Planning Board in terms of importance. The City of Yonkers has numerous ordinances which apply to everything from required parking spaces, maximum building height, distance of structures from the street, etc. When a developer wishes to be exempted from these requirements-known as a variance-this board of appointed individuals hears and rules on these requests.

As you can see, there are numerous boards and commissions within Yonkers. There are even a few more than what are listed above. You can find the full, official list on the City of Yonkers website here:

These boards need members. Members from Yonkers just like you. If you wish to help your community by joining one of these boards, you can submit the simple application here:

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