Migrants Relocating to Yonkers Causing Mixed Reactions

The NYPD notified the Yonkers Police Department to prepare for asylum-seekers arriving from New York City as early as Sunday. NYC officials confirmed that the city has reserved 100 rooms in the Ramada Inn on Tuckahoe Road to shelter migrants.

The situation stems from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s initiative to send busloads of migrants to NYC from Texas. Since summer 2022, Gov. Abbott has relocated more than 13,000 migrants who entered the U.S. through the southern border to “sanctuary” cities including New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. He defended his actions in a statement last week on Fox News:

“Think about the contrast of what the president just said and what you’ve seen Secretary Mayorkas say when he repeatedly said the border is not open, the border is closed. It’s nothing but a lie. The fact of the matter is the border has been open under the Biden administration, enticing people to come here illegally.”

Governor Greg Abbott (R – Texas)

Gov. Abbott also stated that he expects to relocate “thousands more migrants in coming days.” His recent relocation efforts also included sending two busloads of migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington, D.C. last week.

The planned relocation of migrants to northern suburbs by NYC Mayor Eric Adams has already faced criticism. Officials from Dutchess and Rockland counties warn of the additional strain on shelters, the community, and local resources. But, Westchester County Executive George Latimer explains that there is not a single consensus opinion on this situation.

“There are some of our residents, and not just a few, who will bitterly oppose any such rational response, however well managed and limited that may be. And there are as well many other residents who support compassion and rational responses to this.”

County Executive George Latimer (D Westchester)

Lack of communication

Although a source from Mayor Adams’ office stated that NYC officials are working with Yonkers on the relocation plan, Mayor Mike Spano denies those claims. In a statement to News12 Westchester, Spano confirmed that he has been left in the dark—and remains uncertain about who funds this relocation and housing.

We’re willing to do our part, but we need a better plan. And the better plan here is any plan, because there is no plan,” Mayor Spano said.

Mayor Spano also voiced his concern in a series of tweets.

“We are compassionate to the plight of asylum seekers and the City of Yonkers will always step up to aid others in need. However, the sheer lack of communication and planning from New York City on this crucial matter is unacceptable.”

Mayor Mike Spano (D – Yonkers)

Whose problem is it?

Republican officials in Yonkers are also up in arms over this situation. City Council members Merante and Breen, as well as County Legislator Nolan, are blaming not only Mayor Adams, but also President Biden. These migrants may be residing in Yonkers for upwards of a year. That potentiality prompted Breen to make a statement that, “we are being dealt a huge unfunded mandate with no bottom line as if the taxpayers of Yonkers are just a cash cow for Biden’s border failure.” And Merante proposed the following solution to Mayor Spano.

“I’m urging Mayor Spano to take forceful action and file a lawsuit to seek an injunction against the Ramada based on City code and certificate of occupancy violations. The hotel is permitted for temporary shelter not permanent housing.”

Council member Anthony Merante (R – Sixth District)

For now, the migrants are set to arrive on Sunday May 14th. Beyond that, it does not appear that much else is certain.

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