Mother Arrested After Abandoning Newborn in Yonkers Apartment Building

The Yonkers Police Department has made an arrest in connection with the abandonment of a newborn baby discovered earlier this week in an apartment building hallway.

Authorities responded to a report around 8:30 pm on February 6, 2024, regarding an abandoned baby at 32 Chestnut Street. Upon arrival, officers found a newborn female wrapped in a blanket near the entryway. The child’s umbilical cord remained attached with a black string. Emergency services transported the infant to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation and stabilization.

Following an investigation involving multiple units, detectives identified the mother as 21-year-old Jaqueline Marleni Perez, a resident of Yonkers. According to findings, Perez had given birth to the child alone earlier that day around 3:30 pm. She then abandoned her in the building’s hallway by 7:30 pm. A resident discovered the newborn about an hour later and promptly alerted authorities.

Perez also received a medical assessment in hospital due to the circumstances of her childbirth. After her release, she now faces charges of Abandonment of a Child–a Class E Felony under New York State Penal Law. She appeared in Yonkers Criminal Court and was released on her own recognizance.

Police Commissioner Christopher Sapienza and Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano commended the swift response of the Yonkers PD. Mayor Spano also highlighted the availability of assistance in desperate situations.

This is a poignant reminder that help, regardless of situation, is available to all of us – don’t be afraid to reach out.”

The abandoned newborn, currently under the care of Child Protective Services, remains in stable condition. Prosecution of the case falls under the jurisdiction of the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. Authorities also reminded the public of designated “Safe-Haven” locations across the city, providing legal avenues for parents to surrender custody of infants under 30 days old, aiming to prevent such tragic incidents.

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