Stephen Dolan Indicted on Manslaughter Charge Stemming from Hit and Run Death of Child

On Friday February 3rd, 2023, Stephen Dolan entered a not guilty plea on a vehicular manslaughter charge related to the death of 16-year-old Christopher Jack Hackett last year.

Christopher (CJ) Hackett was riding an electric scooter on McLean Ave in August 2022 and was struck by a van. The van then fled the scene. Stephen Dolan, 46, was arrested the following day during his day job at the Yonkers Department of Public Works. Dolan is accused of consuming an abundant amount of alcohol the night of the crash. He told police that he was drunk and believed that he hit a cone in the road.

Stephen Dolan stood in Westchester court with his defense attorney on Friday. The family and friends of the young victim, CJ Hackett, were also present in the courtroom. During the hearing, prosecutors detailed the extent to which Dolan drank the night of the incident. Video footage confirms that he visited at least two bars and consumed upwards of 17 drinks. Because of these circumstances, the state pushed for a $500,000 bail. The judge set bail at $100,000 and is requiring the defendant wear an ankle monitor.

Dolan faces up to seven years in prison on the multiple counts for which he is charged. The family of the victim wishes for the maximum sentence. Christopher Hackett, the father of the victim said, “I want him in jail obviously. I want him in jail for a long time, not for two years. Killed too good of a kid to go away for two years.”

“It’s just tough, it’s just tough.”

Christopher Hackett – father

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