Margaret Fountain-Coleman’s Response to Yonkers Ongoing Conversation about Term-Limits and Nepotism

Official Press Release from Margaret Fountain-Coleman

The issues of nepotism and term limits have been the focal point of discussion amongst my three opposing candidates during this mayoral race. The oxygen in Yonkers is currently being consumed with these topics. The current Mayor has been a proponent of extending term limits and has not shied away from overextending his governance. This is evidenced by his attempt to diminish the importance of these issues with constant media appearances and the over saturation of newsletters in our mailboxes every other day. While both legislative incumbents, Democrat Corazon Pineda-Isaac and Republican Anthony Merante, are on the nepotism and term limit train attempting to derail the conversation about issues that leave our city vulnerable.

On Sunday, January 15th during my historic announcement, I spoke about the importance of term limits in our city government and the 80 year history of the “Spano Dynasty.” The validity of these topics have manifested as realities, which have continued to plague Yonkers’ politics for decades. This is nothing new. The only candidate running for mayor that can speak with fidelity on either issue is ‘me.’ It is I who has no familial ties neither present or past working within the the City of Yonkers. And to be perfectly clear, nepotism has no place in any of our governmental institutions.

In full transparency, my husband, Rev. Frank E. Coleman Jr., along with other courageous and civic minded members of Yonkers put their livelihoods and reputations on the line to defend democracy with a lawsuit against the city’s attempt to usurp the will and voice of the people in direct response to the legislative bodies overreach of extending term limits for the second time on the behest of the Mayor.

Furthermore, I call this rallying cry a mere smoke screen from the real issues impacting Yonkers’ residents. Both Pineda-Isaac and Merante have been disingenuous with the residents of Yonkers. Although Merante has disclosed one family member who is employed within the city government, neither has disclosed their entire familial ties within governmental positions. Since both have positioned themselves against extension of term limits, the voters have the right to know. Not only should both give their “stance” on term limits and disclose their own family ties, but Pineda-Isaac, specifically, should provide the back story regarding her consecutive 3 termed incumbency as councilperson.

Here are the are real issues plaguing Yonkers:

  1. Housing: the lack of affordability and the ability to have upward mobility of homeownership.
  2. Education: the lack of equitable educational opportunities for all students.
  3. Public Safety: the lack of personnel and equipment required to meet the safety needs and concerns of our growing urbanization.
  4. Infrastructure: the lack of resources to meet the crumbling infrastructure and environmental and health injustice issues.

It is time for new leadership that will be responsive to all the citizens of Yonkers. No more deflections from the real crisis plaguing our city. Both councilpersons should have dealt legislatively over the tenure of their incumbencies to stop the train at the gate. We as Yonkers ONE Community can finally make the right choice beginning June 17th-25th and on June 27th and vote NO to deflective rhetoric and side-bar issues that don’t house, feed, or keep the community safe.

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