Rep. Bowman Statement on SCOTUS Decision to Strike Down Affirmative Action

Official Press Release from Jamaal Bowman

The Supreme Court has yet again taken us back in time by barring institutions of higher education from using race-conscious admissions policies. These policies are critical to ensuring that our Black and brown students, who have already experienced redlining and systemic underinvestment in their schools and communities, have an equitable shot at higher education to pursue their dreams.

We all benefit from diversity in our schools. It is the key to learning from and understanding each other. Our education system is already plagued with inequities, from racially biased standardized testing to legacy and donor-based admissions that favor generational wealth. Affirmative action is essential to racial and economic justice in education. We must commit to fighting back against this devastating decision and to promoting equitable access to higher education for our Black and brown students. This means canceling student debt, ensuring everyone has access to free public college, and passing my Fair College Admissions for Students Act, which would end the legacy and donor-based admissions practices that favor the white and wealthy. Our democracy depends on equity in education from preschool to college to vocational school and beyond so that every young person in our country has access to the tools they need to unlock their brilliance and reach their full potential.

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