Legislator Ben Boykin Also Knew of Potential Child Sex Crimes by Anand Singh

After a live-streamed video of Westchester County Board of Legislators staffer, Anand Singh, aired in December 2022 committing what appeared to be solicitation of sex with a minor, the BOL was notified. Our initial reporting only provided evidence that Colin Smith was informed of Singh’s behavior. We have now learned that Ben Boykin of district five was also notified in December.

The private Youtube group, OBL Global, conducts undercover sting operations to catch potential sexual predators. In December 2022, they lured Anand Singh to meet what he believed to be a 14 year-old girl for a sexual encounter. Viewers of this livestream video then contacted Singh’s employer, the Westchester County BOL.

Colin Smith of the first legislative district responded to these contacts about Singh on December 31, 2022. In speaking with Smith, we confirmed that he notified others in government like Chairwoman Borgia (to whom Anand directly reports), the Department of Public Safety, as well as the Clerk for the BOL. However, we’ve now been informed that Ben Boykin also received a similar email and transmitted that correspondence to the Clerk at the same time.

In recent days, we received reports of Boykin’s knowledge from a BOL-affiliate as well as the author of the email itself. On the same day that Colin was notified, so was Boykin. These two legislators were contacted because they led the two committees to which Singh was assigned.

On April 20th, 2023, we submitted a FOIL request to the Clerk & Chief Administrative Officer of the BOL, Sunday Vanderberg. This request defined a date range and subject for correspondence to the clerk regarding Anand Singh. After receiving no response, the next day we also duplicated this same request to the FOIL officer and Legislative Counsel, Lisa Hochman. We are awaiting a formal response from the BOL on these documents.

Coinciding with this document request, we contacted Legislator Ben Boykin’s office numerous times for comment on his knowledge of the allegations against Anand Singh. The response came from a phone call from the BOL’s Director of Communications stating that Boykin was releasing no comment on the matter.

Westchester County District Attorney, Mimi Rocah, is investigating the handling of this incident by the BOL. In a letter dated April 18th, Rocah requests “all data, materials, notes, information and communications” on the BOL’s knowledge of Singh’s alleged misconduct. Presumably, now Boykin–along with Smith and Borgia–will be where the DA begins her investigation.

Because of the nature of this investigation, and our correspondence with the BOL to-date, we expect our aforementioned request for documents to be denied.

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