Unions Behind Mayor Mike Spano To Endorse Re-Election Campaign

In a strong display of support, a coalition of local labor unions in Yonkers rallied behind incumbent Mayor Mike Spano‘s re-election campaign on October 30.

Representatives from 12 prominent unions, including Teamsters Local 456, PBA, CLSA, MTA PBA, Local 628, UFOA, CSEA, YFT, SEIU, 32BJ, ALF-CIO, and AFSCME, gathered at a press conference to express their support for Mayor Spano.

The union leaders applauded Mayor Spano’s track record in addressing issues such as economic development, education, public safety. They believe that his experience and vision are essential for Yonkers’ ongoing growth and prosperity.

Mayor Mike Spano with union workers
Mayor Mike Spano with unions

Mayor Spano stated his gratitude for these endorsements.

I am deeply honored and humbled by the overwhelming support of these esteemed unions. We have worked together to move our city forward, and this endorsement reaffirms our shared commitment to making Yonkers an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Election day approaches

As the campaign reaches it’s conclusion on November 7th, the support of these unions becomes vital. Spano’s challenger, City Council Member Anthony Merante, tacitly acknowledged this when he crossed a line trying to garner their support last week.

However, Merante is still hoping to win over union workers under his new “Restore Term Limits” ballot line. He created this line earlier year in response to the Mayor signing legislation to extend his own term limits last December. Whether or not term limits is a winning issue for union workers will be tested. But, historically, these organizations back incumbents to ensure their continued success in contract negotiations. But, not all unions in Yonkers fared so well under the current administration.

Regardless of residents being members of a labor union or not, all should participate in the elector process. Read more about early voting and the candidates in our article here.

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  1. Until recently. I was a member of the Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board. The YJSCB is a legal entity charged with constructing new schools. The mayor is the chair. I voted against the the current contractors because they were non-union. Chairman Mike Spano was adamant about using non union labor. He was not even willing to negotiate a project labor agreement. Mayor Spano is no friend of union labor. Furthermore, every YIDA financed project should require a PLA, but not in Mike Spano’s Yonkers.

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